Who I am

Hello, I'm Joe Gómez a Venezuelan digital nomad that likes to travel almost the same as I do like to create websites. I'm 24 years old and my university title says that I'm graphic designer, but i'm definitely more than that, I don't feel like a piece of paper may define what I am or what I will do to feed myself.

Maybe you're asking why I'm telling this all to you, when you came here to know what can I do for you, well I like to think that the best way to work together is to know each other, because if we don't know each other how are we going to be on the same page when the desgin process is on going? Am I right?

Well as I told you earlier I'm a graduated graphic designer, I got my title on the "Universidad del Zulia" university, which is located in Venezuela, the country where I've born, but thats not the only thing I have studied in my life, I went trough jornalism and computer engineering carreers before knowing what my passion is, the design, even when I was studying that carreer I was wondering what else I was able to do, I'm very active so anything new I can learn is always welcome.

With that said I've worked on some NGOs to satisfy my willing to help lets talk a bit about them:

  • Fundación amigos del niño con cancer

    This is the first NGO where I started volunteering, the fact is that in this organization they do some street croudfunding actvities anually where all the volunteers helps for two or three days to colect the money that will help kids that are surfering cancer they provide acomodation, medicines and treatment for the kids and their families untill they get better and can go back home healty again.

    Fundraising Fundanica

    Here are some points I will refer to some of my activities, first and the one that definitely left a mark on my heart and my soul was to do a international volunteering in Bogotá, Colombia, where I had to help to some elderly to learn basic school knowledge like writting, reading and maths, its incredible how fullfilling can be to know that you're changing the life of someone that gave all his life to raise a family and didn't had te time to think on themselves, and now they are showing the same will as a kid that wants to learn something new so bad.

    Volunteering in colombia

    The other thing I can say about this NGO was that I worked there for 3 years without receiving any money and still can't pay all the stuf I learnt there, I did activities from member recruitment, to events coordination, of course I did some graphic related works like keep in charge of the social network of a national project or keep and mantain the website in Venezuela and even Italia!. All those experiences teached me that the team work is important and to know and understand each other is even more important (You see? thats why I'm telling you all of this, so it will be easier to know each other)

    Now I dont want to bore you with my life so why don't we talk about what I can do for you?

What I can do for you

Well in short terms I can create a website for you and your project to increase your online visibility and make you get more money than you actually do.

I like to define my service as:
"The always open space to keep your clients updated on what they want from you"

This is a better description just because that's what you want to do on the current times, keep your clients updated on what you're doing so they want it even more and well, finally buy it. Like a shop open 24/7, but with you sleeping every night. Sounds good? well let me explain it a bit further.

Lets imagine that you have a shop and 100 people walks by every day, but from those 100 people only 5 enters to your place each day and buy something, lets say the same about your website, imagine that 1000 people see your site daily and at least the same percentage of that buy something for you, that makes 50 sales in a day (plus the 5 you do on your phisical shop). That is a brief of what a website can do for you and your service, so want to give it a try? Well tell me more about you and what can I do to help you.

I want your help

What? You're not sure that I can help you? Well let my clients speak for me.

More than tell a story I want to thank Joe on how he speaks every single detail, that and his kindness and compromise on giving a quality product makes me recomend him at 120% Kamel Abi hassan - Co-Founder Sivana Group