Terms of service

By requesting one of my services you're consciently accepting all the following terms:

  1. Any request should be paid in two phases, first a 50% of the price to start the project, then 50% on the final delivery of the website.

  2. No work will be started without the confirmation of the payment of the first half of the agreed service price.

  3. All the prices declared on this site represent the value of a core service, and may differ from the final price depending on the complexity and details of your project.

  4. All the images used on the project will be licensed, that means if the you want an image from a stock site, it will be charged as an extra in order to buy the license asociated to its use.

  5. The project details will be discussed on an early phase of the project, and the development of the site will start only when these details and the budget are accepted.

  6. Previous to the development phase the you may have one or multiple graphic previews of the project in order to perform any adjust that may consider apropiated, however the number of revisions that the you can perform will be declared on the contract sent to the client previous to the start of the project.

    Also this changes should be aligned to the details previously accepted or they will be considered and charged as major changes.

  7. Once the development phase of the project has started the you're not allowed to perform any change to the layout, images, or content, doing it will be considered and charged as major change.

  8. You are allowed to cancel the project in any stage previous to the development phase, but by doing that you're accepting that no money will be refounded in any way, considering it as administrative expenses.

    Also you're accepting that you will not have any right on the material produced and show during the design phase, allowing me to reuse, sell or adjust to another client.

    If any stock material was purchased for the project it will be delivered as they are not included on the service fee.

  9. Any kind of product made by me will have use and showcase rights, no copy, share or reproduction of the material is allowed in any way.

    Also by accepting this terms you're concious that I can make use partial or total use of the product designed to showcase as an item on my portfolio.