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A blog is the first step to start contacting your clients and making a relationship with them, on the current times is highly importan to keep a more human and close contact with anyone interested in your business and a blog is the right option for you.

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What is a blog?

A blog is a website where you can periodically upload information about a specific theme, service, product, or basically anything you want to promote, even your own way to see the world

Its a good space to start a contact with clients, relatives, fans or the general public by asking them to suscribe to your content and keeping them updated periodically.

With a blog you can do many styles of sites, from notices to a beauty and lifestyle themed website, also some of the advantages of having a website with a blog integrated is that you will have more visibility by getting engaged your target trough relevant content, also it has more possibilites to receive visitors from the search engines like the loved saint Google.

What's included?


The most popular content administrator is included on your website

Domain and Host

Your site will be runing under your unique domain name

Easy customization

You can manage all your content by yourself using wordpress.

Aftersale Support

Get support for 15 days after the site is delivered.

Up to 5 pages

I will design 5 pages but you can allways ask for more.

SEO optimization

You will be visible on the search engines from the first time.

Why do i need it?

If you want to express yourself and the way you see the world, or you want to get recognized by your content or just to show yourself and your knowledge in some area. This definitely is the kind of service for you

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